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Thermowell Pressure Gauge Accessories Manufacturers and suppliers in Brazil

Thermowell Manufacturers and suppliers in Brazil

Barstock Thermowell is normally offered up to an insertion length of 600mm. Fabricated Thermowells are recommended above 600mm. If required, insertion length can be determined by performing wake frequency calculations, in accordance with PTC 19.3.

Welding (tig welding process) of the Thermowell is performed by professional and approved welders following practice laid down in the ASME code and weld joints can be 2 tested up to 600 kg/ cm .

Bore concentricity within 10% of wall thickness can be checked by radiography or ultrasonic method. Special material tests such as ultrasonic test for flaw detection are also available. For steam/ feed water service, an IBR certificate in form IIIC can be issued.

Various Types of Thermowells

Bar Stock Threaded (BT)
(Process threads NPT, BSP or Metric)

Bar Stock Flanged (BF)
(Flanges as per ANSI, BS or DIN )

q Bar Stock Weld In (BW)