Manifold Valves

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Model No. GV-101-MPV

GV-101-MPV, Multi Port Gauge Valves - Manifold Valves

Maximum working pressure :
6000 psi (414bar) at 100°F (38°C)
Working Temperature :
-65°F (-54°C) TO 356°F (180°C)
Multiport gauge valves allow the versatile positioning of guages or pressure switches without requiring additional penetration of the main piping
Standard configuration has a male inlet and three ½” NPT female
Optional sour gas services conforms to NACE Mr0175.
Hydro test performed with pure water at 1.5 times of working pressure
100% factory test
Material traceability
Finish : SS Natural, Shot Blast, Zinc Plated


Part No. Part Description Material Qty.
1 Body SS 316 1
2 Gland Body SS 316 1
3 Gland Retainer SS 304 1
4 Check Nut SS 304 1
5 Spindle SS 316 1
6 Gland Packing P.T.F.E 2
7 Gland Ring SS 304 1
8 Gland Washer SS 304 1
9 Trim SS 316 1
10 Dust Cap Rubber 1
11 Handle SS 304 1
12 Grub Screw SS 1
13 Lock Pin SS 1

Note: 1. Packing is optional with graphite for high temperature to 450℃

6000 PSI
Model No. (Inlet X Outlet) 
GV-101-MPV-8-M/F 1/2" NPT(M)X 1/2" NPT(F)
GV-101-MPV-8-F/F 1/2" NPT(F)X 1/2" NPT(F)
GV-101-MPV-12-8-M/F 3/4" NPT(M)X 1/2" NPT(F)

Note: All dimensions are subject to change without notice All dimensions are in mm unless specified

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