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GV-154-P-BV, Panel Mount Ball Valve - Ball Valves

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Model No. GV-154-P-BV

Maximum working pressure:
3000 psi (206 bar) at 38°C
Working temperature:
From -54°C to 180°C with PEEK Packing.
A short handle gives quarter turn rust-free operation.
Valves with PTEF seats are supplied with short handles.
A robust pin is to create a positive stop.
The stem +with shoulder provides blowout proof design to maintain seal integrity at all pressure.
Optional sour gas service conforms to NACE Mr0175.
Ball valves are hydrostatic tested at the full rated pressure and low pressure pneumatic at 70 psi.
100% factory test


Bill of Material
Sr. No. Description Material Qty
1 Body SS316 1
2 Adaptor SS316 2
3 Seat Ring DELRIN 2
4 Ball SS316 1
5 Stem SS316 1
6 Gland Seal PTFE 1
7 Gland Washer SS316 1
8 Gland Retainer SS316 1
9 Check Nut SS304 1
10 Handle  Plastic 1
11 Grub Screw SS304 1
3000 PSI (NPT)
Model No. A B (SQ) C F (A/F)
GV-154-P-BV-2 63.0 25.0 1/8"NPT (F) 19.0
GV-154-P-BV-4 63.0 25.0 1/4"NPT (F) 19.0
GV-154-P-BV-6 65.0 25.0 3/8"NPT (F) 22.0
GV-154-P-BV-8 78.0 32.0 1/2"NPT (F) 27.0
GV-154-P-BV-12 92.0 40.0 3/4"NPT (F) 36.0
GV-154-P-BV-16 106.0 45.0 1"NPT (F) 41.0

Note: All dimensions are subject to change without notice All dimensions are in mm unless specified